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[Firmware] [REV-U] Firmware Version 4.60-B1
2023.11.20 17:40

1. Video Quality Improvement


 - Audio sync stabilization

 - Multicast service Enable/Disable Menu added

3. Camera Configuration

 - Event control mode added ( Day/Night/Di/Motion )

 - Saturation function expanded (R/G/B settings available)

 - Night Color mode added

 - Motion detection sensitivity default value changed(Default value changed from 50 to 80)

4. Stabilization of VMS/NVR compatibility

 - Improved the problem of Auto Focus not working after zoom operation for certain NVR/VMS

 - Improved the problem of not being able to retrieve ONVIF Profile information for certain NVR/VMS

5. AI function

 - Object Detection / Face Detection / Video Analytics UI changes and function stabilization

 - PTZ Object Tracking setup function added

 - AI OEM firmware update function added

 - FW9709 Series(FNR/QNR) PTZ Tracking function added

6. Analog output source (TVI / CVI / AHD) selection feature added for 2MP camera 

7. Supports player function when using Multi Browser (Edge, Chrome)

8. When Micro SD is installed, the display order of the Home, Live, Play, and Admin Menu buttons at the top has been changed.

 - If the current location is Home, Live, Play, and Admin are displayed.

 - If the current location is Live, Home, Play, and Admin are displayed.

 - If the current location is Play, Home, Live, and Admin are displayed

 - If the current location is Admin, Home, Live, and Play are displayed