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News Letter from FlexWATCH_August 1st 2019
2020.11.16 11:58

<Seyeon Tech Co., Ltd. developed and released Global Shutter IP Camera module for Vehicle License Plate Recognition IP cameras >


In response to the recent increase of Vehicle LPR camera market demand, Seyeon Tech Co., Ltd known as FlexWATCH has developed and released Global Shutter IP camera module (FWC-A3T-GSB) for manufacturers who want to develop LPR IP cameras and then technical support for each manufacturer’s unique model development is enhanced.


In addition to standardization of various kinds of interfaces based on experiences with several manufacturers who developed their own camera models using FlexWATCH modules, the image quality and camera performance are optimized based on field experiences. Therefore, We believe that it will be a good opportunity for manufacturers who had difficulty in finding the right LPR IP camera module to develop their unique LPR cameras.


The module uses Sony’s latest 1/1.8” 3mpixel CMOS sensor for Global Shutter application and provides the strobe signal for high power LED control. H.265, H.264, MJPEG and JPEG quadruple streaming are supported by default. Dual Full HD streaming mode can be set. One is MJPEG 30fps @ Full HD for License Plate Recognition and the other one is H.264 30fps @ Full HD for general Video Surveillance purpose so this module is optimized for LPR cameras.


All boards are 42x42mm in size and consist of 3 boards, including sensor board and compatible IP board. It provides two-way audio interface, Digital I / O, Micro SD and Serial interface. The available lens option is 3.6-11.0mm motorized vari-focal lens and 12.0-40.0mm motorized vari-focal lens and also it is possible to use C/CS Mount lens for Box camera as needed.


Considering the market trend of using LPR camera as general Video Surveillance purpose, the biggest advantage of using FlexWATCH IP camera module is compatibility. It has been the only company in Korea to develop modules for more than 20 years and has a long history of collaborating with manufacturers, system integrators and solution providers. Compatibility with various NVRs has also been proven by passing ONVIF compatibility and TTA compliance testing. OEM/ODM support is available by prior consultation if special software interfaces or functions are required.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.