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SeyeonTech Launches Finished AI Bridge and Carrier Boards with NVIDIA Jetson Orin Support
2023.11.03 14:53

(Left) FWJ100 (AI Bridge), (Right) Carrier Board

SeyeonTech has released the finished product 'FWJ100 (AI Bridge)' and carrier board that supports Jetson ORIN Nano and ORIN NX. This new product is a successor to the existing product (based on Jetson Nano and Xavier NX) and supports Jetson Nano and Xavier NX simultaneously. (However, the functions are limited when using Jetson Nano and Xavier NX).

The finished product (hereinafter referred to as AI Bridge) is supplied with a heat sink fan & heater, case, etc. except for the NVIDIA Jetson module, so you only need to install the Jetson ORIN module. We have already completed environmental tests for sales, and CE and FCC certifications, so we have already started exporting to the UK, Germany, etc. Domestically, manufacturers doing Smart City business are in the process of purchasing.

Table of Contents :

1. Jetson ORIN Nano, an AI bridge supporting ORIN NX, is released

2. Jetson ORIN Nano releases ORIN NX supported carrier board

Overview :


1. Jetson ORIN Nano Launches ORIN NX Supported AI Bridge

AI bridge that supports the recently released ORIN Jetson module from NVIDIA is available.

Hardware Specifications

- 2 x Ethernet ports

- 3 x USB3.2 ports

- 1 x Micro-HDMI

- 1 x Audio (speaker/microphone) port

- 2 x M.2 interface (external storage device connection)

③ AI bridge supports Jetson ORIN Nano, ORIN NX (Jetson Nano, Jetson Xavier NX limited support)

④ Accessories such as heatsink, fan, etc. are supplied together.

⑤ We have finalized FCC, CE, etc. and finished pilot production, and are in the process of secondary mass production.

⑥ We are supplying to customers in the UK, Germany, and Korea.

⑦ It is used in CCTV LPR as well as robots, factory automation, logistics systems, etc.


2. Jetson ORIN Nano, ORIN NX Supported Carrier Board Released

Carrier boards and accessories used for FWJ100 (AI bridge) are also sold separately.

LPR or specialized system development companies prefer carrier boards to AI bridge.

In this regard, domestic LPR-related CCTV manufacturers are increasingly purchasing them.

If customers need their own carrier board, we can develop and supply it with a minimum NRE.


AI bridges are utilized to support intelligent functions in the CCTV field. As edge boxes with dozens of Tops specifications are required to perform advanced AI functions, the difficulty of implementation is low with this product. The Deepstream SDK provided by NVIDIA can also be used seamlessly. Even if you don't need to use AI functions, it can also be utilized as an industrial Mini PC.

By embedding multiple MIPI interfaces and CAN interfaces on the carrier board, SeyeonTech is supporting customers who want to utilize it for camera developers, autonomous driving, etc. We have already developed 2M~4K MIPI camera modules and V4L drivers, and have prepared an environment for customers to develop Gstreamer-based applications (separate contact required) To be used in the CCTV field, ONVIF and Deepstream SDK must be operated in parallel with support for 3A optimization, AF, Motion Detection, ONVIF, etc. When this is ready, we are expecting a lot of use as a premium IP camera.