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FlexWATCH® VSS Video Streaming Server

  • Bandwidth control & network management service for network video
  • 1. Product Overview
  • The VSS(Video Streaming Server) is to maintain the reliable streaming for numerous clients. If there are more than 10 remote clients accessing the same network camera simultaneously, the streaming performance of network camera is degraded since it is an embedded system with limited CPU resource. But if there are VSS between network camera and clients, then the VSS redistributes the video stream from network camera to multiple clients and clients can control PTZ of network camera through the VSS. It provides not only stable performance but also low-latency of delay. For these reasons, the VSS is being most suitable for bandwidth controls and network management at a large scale of IP surveillance. At a large site, there would be multiple clients and multiple network cameras. They can predict the bandwidth between network cameras and the VSS precisely and can provide video streams to multiple clients seamless through the VSS.
  • 2. Key Features
  • Use freeware Operating System
  • Web based administration
  • Supports all FlexWATCH™ above v3.00 (except RTOS version)
  • 3. Main Functions
  • MJPEG video stream relay
  • PTZ control relay
  • Max 128 cameras
  • Max 256 client connections
  • Authentication
  • User permission configuration
  • Register FlexWATCH using dynamic IP (IPCCTVDNS)
  • Network video router
  • Easy bandwidth scheme
  • Easy firewall configuration
  • (Firewall doesn’t need to concern all network camera)
  • 4. H/W specification: Dell Power Edge 1950
  • CPU : Dual-Core Intel Xeon 2.0GHz, 4MB cache, 1333MHz FSB
  • Memory: DDR-2 667MHz ECC 1GByte
  • 2 LAN card : Gigabit Ethernet Card
  • 1 optical drive (just for OS installation)
  • 6. Purchasingl
  • Software can not be sold separately.
  • This is not a retail product.
  • If your interested in VSS, please
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