POS Add-On service

  • Cost of Employee Theft, the greatest single threat to profitability
  • According to the University of Florida 2005 National Retail Security Survey, employee theft was estimated to be responsible for 47% of store inventory shrinkage. That represents an estimated employee theft price tag of about 17.6-billion dollars per year. This astounding figure makes employee dishonesty the greatest single threat to profitability at the store level. The 2003 study found the average dollar loss per employee theft case to be $1,762.00 compared to $265.40 for the average shoplifting incident. Despite these facts, most retailers mistakenly focus their loss prevention budgets on shoplifting.
  • Example of Employee Theft
  • In this example, the casher tried substitute scan. It looks like that she scanned melon successfully. But she did scan a bar code on her finger; the bar code is for chewing gum. It's a very crafty trick, legacy video surveillance system could not disclose it. Several Text Inserter devices-it superimposes POS data into video-are on sale as a solution for employee theft. But it can not be an affordable solution because it takes so much time to find evidence scene; you should playback all video and compare data on video and video itself.
  • FlexWATCH® NVR POS Add-On
    will turn LOSS into NET PROFIT
  • POS Add-On service is basically a synchronized video & POS data recorder. It supports OSD (On-Screen Display) as Text Inserter device. At first, you can narrow the scope you should take a look at down through power full filtering function based on POS data. You can set a filter as you want; id of a suspicious employee, terminal id where the suspicious employee had worked on, cash drawer open event, item void event, and combination of various condition could be a filter. Then you can easily compare video contents and POS data. This fast and easy fraud finding system will restrain dishonest employee's attempts and turn your loss into net profit.

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