Case Studies

City Surveillance in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

  • Over hundreds of FW-1173DS are installed in southern Taiwans city of Kaohsiung for the purpose of city surveillance. It is worthwhile to consider the fact this video is from the site and recorded over the Internet not a LAN. In spite of the fact, you can see very clear & crisp video images on moving object, which is suitable for the city surveillance.

City Surveillance in Seoul, Korea

  • FlexWATCH built IP surveillance system of Seoul city to promote famous places of Seoul as part of U-City business. Users can get the real time video information by accessing to website '', check videos recorded in the past by hour. This system enables users to see videos of lots of places that Seoul city promotes not only in real time but in playback. Real-time videos can be seen by windows media streaming server and past images transmitted are displayed with FTP Server.

Samsung Semiconductor Plant

  • 1,360-channel IP surveillance system at
    Samsung Semiconductor factory adopted FlexWATCH
    Seyeon Tech, Network video solution provider with the name of FlexWATCH, announced that Samsung Electronics has installed 1,360-channel system to watch the factory facilities located in huge area, Samsung Electronics will continuously expand video channels to monitor whole production line.

  • 280-channel IP surveillance system at an
    apartment complex adopted FlexWATCH
    In Korea, the government drives U-city (Ubiquitous City) project which is next generation residence projexct where people can be served automated transportation, crime prevention, protection of disater and home network by integrating IT technology and ubiquitous information service with newly constrcted town, And Incheon Metropolitan city, near the western sea, build the hub of the Northeast Asia...

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