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Seyeon Tech launches 4K global shutter box IP camera for ANPR/LPR, including motorcycle and license plate recognition
2023.03.21 10:42
'Best for 2 lane motorcycle license plate recognition or 4 lane vehicle license plate recognition'

FW7300-GKN (lens mounted example) 

Seyeontech recently unveiled the FW7300-GKN, a 4K global shutter box IP camera suitable for ANPR/LPR applications such as motorcycle and license plate recognition.
The product is a CS-mount box IP camera that can be used for the following applications depending on lens options.
Suitable for 4-lane vehicle license plate recognition or 2-lane motorcycle license plate recognition, it is useful for ANPR/LPR because you can get images optimized for AI analysis.

The sensor utilizes Sony's 4K global shutter CMOS sensor to capture fast-moving subjects without distortion.
The camera also supports P-IRIS, which enables deeper depth of field and sharpness with more precise aperture control than conventional DC-IRIS,
delivering day and night images optimized for changes in ambient brightness.

(Left) CS mount with interchangeable lenses, (right) microSD slot, DI/DO, and more.

As an original manufacturer of IP cameras, both hardware and software are 100% made in Korea,
and Seyeon Tech has already responded to the July, 2023 security standards as the TTA security standards change every six months.
Therefore, there has been an explosion of inquiries from customers who need TTA security certification to comply with public procurement standards.

In addition to the previously announced 4K global shutter, we have a complete lineup of 2M, 3M, and 5M global shutter IP camera modules and products,
so you can choose a global shutter IP camera based on resolution.

2M, 3M, 5M, 4K global shutter IP camera modules/finished products available 

Seyeon Tech's IP camera modules and finished products are NDAA-compliant, which means that IP cameras can be freely exported to the United States, Europe, and other countries without any restrictions.
NDAA is the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act, a bill that reduces dependence on certain companies in the field of video and communication security equipment and strengthens trade barriers.
Seyeon Tech's IP cameras are NDAA-compliant, so it is expected that the company will be able to introduce its products to the rapidly changing US and European IP camera markets with ease. 

For inquiries about SeyeonTech IP camera modules and finished products,
please contact SeyeonTech's official email ( ) or call +82-2-2192-6800. For more information about the product, please visit the website ( ).