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Seyeon Tech has launched Industrial Mini PCs (FWR100-NN, FWR100-NX) for Deep Learning, Machine Learning AI tech companies
2022.04.14 09:59

FWR100-NN, FWR100-NX (the same appearance)


Seyeon Tech has launched Industrial Mini PCs ( FWR100-NN, FWR100-NX) for AI tech companies and research institutes. The new FWR100-NN and FWR100-NX has added mSATA, SATA connectors and microSD slot.


FWR100-NN, FWR100-NX, commonly known as FWR100 series are dedicated platforms suitable for emerging AI and SW development. It is equipped with NVIDIA JETSON NANO or JETSON XAVIER NX and supports abundant AV input/output terminals, mSATA, SATA connectors, and microSD slot, so you can easily focus on AI and SW development.


FWR100-NN is a model equipped with JETSON NANO, and FWR100-NX is a model equipped with JETSON XAVIER NX.


JETSON NANO and JETSON XAVIER NX released by NVIDIA are ultra-small boards with powerful computing performance at low power. Although it is a product that has recently been spotlighted in the AI ​​field, there are not enough boards to support it, so AI development related companies and research institutes are having a lot of difficulty in AV input/output, data storage and management with the board.


Seyeon Tech FWR100 series is equipped with NVIDIA Jetson board inside the main body. The JETSON board has a CPU+GPU+RAM structure, and HDMI, Audio, USB, wired LAN, and microSD can be used as above. (mSATA and SATA connectors are built-in inside the body) Therefore, it can be used as an industrial micro PC without worrying about hardware, and can be widely applied to fields that require a small PC such as AI and SW development, image processing equipment, and medical equipment.


Linux-based ‘UBUNTU’ OS can be operated (FWR100 actual execution screen)


In addition, it is small and light enough to be held in one hand with a size of 125(W) x 94(D) x 47.5(H)mm and a weight of about 310g to match the feeling of an industrial miniature PC.



mSATA installation (up), SSD installation (down)


In particular, this product can be equipped with mSATA and SSD, so if necessary, open the inside of the main body and use it as above. A metal bracket is provided, so it is easy to protect the mSATA and fix the SSD. It is good to use microSD for software development, and mSATA and SSD for large-capacity video storage and management. It is also characterized by excellent expandability as it is also equipped with commonly used HDMI and USB 3.0 ports (four).


For the SDK required for AI and SW development, Seyeon Tech SDK can be used separately from NVIDIA DeepStream SDK. Seyeon Tech SDK supports OpenCV video class interface, so you can focus on AI optimization without worrying about IP camera interworking, stream decoding, storage, and retransmission. Seyeon Tech SDK is sold separately from the development board.


By using this product, you can reduce the burden of hardware development in fields that require AI and SW power, such as machine learning, machine vision, edge computing, image recording devices, medical devices, and factory automation, and easily focus on the original purpose of AI and SW development. there is. In addition, it can be easily applied to smart cities, smart farms, and smart factories, which are emerging as important topics. Detailed information about FWR100-NN and FWR100-NX can be found at the address below.


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